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Martian fossil meteorite. Asteroids, Jupiter and Saturn

Martian fossil meteorite. Asteroids, Jupiter and Saturn

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This 4.5 billion year old meteorite, labeled ALH84001, is believed to come from Mars and may contain fossil evidence that primitive life may have existed more than 3. 600 million years ago on Mars.

The stone is a portion of a meteorite that came off Mars approximately 16 million years ago due to a great impact and fell 13,000 years ago on Earth.

The meteorite was found in the Allan Hills, Antarctica. It is preserved for study at the Johnson Space Center's Meteorite Processing Laboratory in Houston.

It is believed that ferrous meteorites correspond to the nuclei of the small planets, while the stony ones (those that do not come from the Moon and Mars) correspond to the crust. Meteorites generally have an irregular surface and a carbonized, molten outer layer.

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