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Europe (Jupiter). Solar System Satellites

Europe (Jupiter). Solar System Satellites

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Europe is a satellite of the planet Jupiter. It is the smallest satellite of the four discovered by Galileo, and from the beginning it has fascinated the imagination of the scientific community. Europe has a very strange composition to be a satellite, extremely similar to that of the four inner planets.

The main element of the composition of Europe is the siliceous, usually in the form of rocks. The surface is a layer of ice about a hundred kilometers thick, and it is fairly certain that there is a large salt water ocean below. This follows from the magnetic field of Europe, which interacts with that of Jupiter.

It is this inner ocean that makes many scientists play with the possibility that it could harbor life. The large amount of oxygen in it even suggests a slightly more complex life than simple microorganisms. Perhaps the conditions of its ocean are similar to that of the Earth's sea graves in which there is volcanic activity.

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